Teacher Spotlight — Samantha Abercrombie

Samantha Abercrombie — Cartmell Elementary teacher

Carrollton, Ky. — Oct. 16, 2017 — Samantha Abercrombie’s resume has Cartmell Elementary written all over it.


  • Cartmell Elementary co-op: 2004 – 2005
  • Cartmell Elementary instructional assistant: 2005 – 2012
  • Cartmell Elementary student teacher: 2012
  • Cartmell Elementary classroom teacher: 2012 – 2017


Though she has only been teaching for five years, she has been in the school longer than most.  


“I always wanted to teach at Cartmell,” Abercrombie said. “I never questioned it, and I still don’t question it. I love what I do each day. My job is to help students learn. There is something special about that.”


Now a Google Certified Educator working on a literacy specialist certification, Abercrombie has come a long way since her days as a co-op.


“I am constantly working to grow as a teacher,” she said. “And my students are constantly changing from year to year. My instruction has to keep pace with that. Two years ago, I could not have imagined being a Google Certified Educator. Now, that sort of technology infuses everything that we do.”


Through Carroll County High School’s co-op program, Abercrombie spent a few hours each day of her senior year working in Kathy Bieger’s special education classroom at Cartmell. Bieger is now Director of Special Education for the Carroll County School District.


“I remember Samantha,” Bieger said. “She was enthusiastic, passionate, and loved helping the kids. I knew she would be a great teacher.”


Abercrombie said that Bieger and several other teachers in the district had a major impact on her life.


“I struggled in school, and teachers really helped me get through,” Abercrombie said. “Lisa Weedman, Pat Harris, and Jeff Fremin were my mentors and advocates. I couldn’t have made it without them.”


Weedman and Fremin taught English, Harris chemistry.


“I still edit everything that I write because of Mr. Fremin,” Abercrombie said. “And Ms. Marie Satchwell taught me everything that I know about teaching.”


Satchwell retired from teaching after the 2016 – 2017 school year.


There are many twists and turns on the way to Samantha Abercrombie’s fifth-grade classroom at Cartmell Elementary — through hallways, up stairwells and past lockers.


But it is easy to find. Just follow the excitement.


Books arranged by reading level sit in popcorn boxes. Students use iPads alongside notebooks and other reference materials. Two stationary exercise bicycles line the back wall so that students can exercise while reading.


“I have great students, and I am thankful each day for the privilege of being their teacher,” Abercrombie said.  


The Carroll County School District is a public school system that operates within the geographic boundaries of Carroll County, Ky. The district serves around 1,900 students K-12.

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